Our olive grove covers approximately 10 hectares, and there are nearly 2000 centuries-old plants scattered throughout, which testifies to our unindustrialised cultivation. Currently, there is an ongoing project to extend the olive grove while respecting the territory and creating a symbiosis with the surrounding forest. The olive grove grows to a height of 100-160 metres above sea level in a hilly area.

The land chosen for the business, mainly for hydrogeological reasons, remains grassy in order to prevent erosion and limit macro-element dispersion phenomena.

Leccino, moraiolo and frantoio cultivars are grown in the lower part of the vineyard. It is from these that one draws a classic varietal of intense aromas. As you head upwards from the centre of the estate, you will find impressive moraiolo plants.

The olive harvest takes place from late October to late December and is completed by hand. Respect for the olive is essential for obtaining high quality production. Once gathered and arranged in special aerated boxes, they are brought to the mill for processing on the same day. They are then crushed using hammer pressing and an extraction system for cold centrifugation.

The oil thus obtained is stored in a suitable place at a constant temperature of 16-17 degrees, until it is bottled upon receipt of an order.
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